std's + sti's

You don’t need your parent’s permission to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and HIV, or to agree to treatment for either.

get tested or treated

types of std's and sti's



You may or may not see sores. Only your doc can tell you if you have it or not.

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Very treatable when you and your doc catch it fast.

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Hepatitis B


Reduce your risks with a shot and the use of condoms.

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Also known as “the great pretender.” It can mask itself to look like many other diseases.

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One of the most common STI’s in teens. Can be easily treated by your doctor.

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HIV / Aids

human immunodeficiency virus /ādz/

This virus interferes with your body’s ability to fight infections. 1.2 million people in the U.S. alone fight this disease.

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human papillomavirus

The common cold of the STI world, although not any less dangerous than the others.

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Just call this one “trich” for short.

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